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NPI specialises in film solutions, water storage solutions and horticultural products

Who are we?

Over a period of 65 years, NPI has grown to become the company we are today: a family business with a no-nonse attitude and an international player in the field of film solutions, water storage and horticulture. Our rich history stretches back 65 years. Through these years, we have accumulated unique knowledge and experience in the field of films and welding operations. That knowledge and experience have made us a stable and reliable partner in film solutions, water storage systems and horticultural supplies.

NPI: specialists in water storage

We are well known for our technical expertise. As a result, we have grown to become a market leader in the field of water storage. Our core business includes the supply of steel silos with high-quality silo linings across the globe. In this division, we realise water storage solutions for the horticulture sector and many other applications and markets. These include drinking water storage, rainwater storage, fish farms and manure storage.

Water storage tanks

Ensuring the availability of safe and clean drinking water is an increasingly important global issue. As such, it is no coincidence that our tanks have grown enormously in popularity in recent years. This tank type is multifunctional and has several important benefits. These include the storage of large volumes of water, simple installation and efficient transport. Our tanks are made to measure and can be manufactured and finished in various ways, with various optional extras. Read more about our modular metal tanksĀ here.

Other storage systems

As one of the longest-established film processors, NPI also supplies silo linings for other water storage system types. The various specially developed films have been used successfully to line excavated basins across the globe. We recently also began supplying flexible water tanks. In short: with a wide variety of films and systems, NPI always has a suitable storage system for your specific wishes!

NPI’s dealer network

NPI suppliesy local markets across the globe via our extensive and continuously expanding dealer network. Our dealers are based in more than 60 countries worldwide, which means we are never far away. NPI continues to expand this network, which means we are always looking for potential new partners. We support our dealer network with our service, knowledge and expertise. We do so by offering training courses, both on location and at the NPI.


Through the years, NPI has supplied thousands of water storage systems at home and abroad. A selection from our extensive portfolio can be viewed on theĀ project page.

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Film solutions and horticulture

Besides our water storage solutions, we also provide film solutions. Better said: that is where it all begun! In recent years we have added a whole assortment of horticultural supplies to our product range.

Film solutions

NPI is one of the longest-established film processors. We began in the 1950s with welding hula hoops and garbage bags, before expanding to become a specialised welding and trading company in plastic films for ponds, agriculture and the civil engineering sector.

Horticultural supplies

In recent years, NPI has grown to become an important supplier to the professional horticulture sector at home and abroad. We supply high-quality ground covers, binding materials, tools, meshes and nets to clients such as growers, gardeners, garden centres and municipalities on a daily basis. Thanks to the large stocks held in our central warehouse in Tzummarum, we deliver products across the globe in no time.

Our mission

We use our professional knowledge and years of experience in the field of films and welding operations to make a contribution to the sustainability of the planet. Our durable and innovative film solutions replace or eliminate less durable products in agricultural, water and environmental applications.

Our water storage systems are an essential link in the food chain. Clean water is indispensable for the millions of greenhouse complexes that feed the global population. Our systems also contribute to the availability of clean and reliable water supplies in areas where water is scarce, for example due to pollution or climatic conditions.

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