I feel like flying!


The 12th of March 2020, my last flight took place…

After 479 days of being stuck to the ground due to the Covid-19 virus, it appears that the world is opening up for travelling again. For me, as director water storage at NPI, 2020 started with a hectic period with visits to Greece, Turkey, France, Vietnam and Thailand. Then, the 12th of March, my last flight took place; from Moscow back to Holland…

We all know that the whole world and business travel came to a standstill. Now it is resuming slowly and although business travel might be a bit more mindful in the future, I am more than ready to visit our customers and projects again! We all have gotten used to conference calls, but this pandemic has proved to me that offline can never be fully replaced with online.

While we are waiting for larger international fairs to take place, Europe is becoming more accessible and I cannot wait for Asia, Russia and other destinations opening up again! Will we meet soon? Let me know!

I feel like flying!