Irrigation water

Water tanks for your crops

As a grower, you need a reliable supply of good quality water for the irrigation of their crops. Our water tanks offer a high quality and durable water storage solution, focusing on efficiency, saving on costs and security.

This way you don’t have to be concerned with your water storage system and can focus on your crops. And even more important: you benefit from low maintenance (costs) and a water tank with a long lifetime.

Water tank in Malaysia

Irrigation water

Water is one of the most crucial factors for your crops. It is indispensable to have a constant, high quality water supply for irrigation. With climate changes causing long and dry growing seasons, many growers are looking for water storage tanks to help to protect their crops. Our water tanks enable water storage for many different types of water that are at play in greenhouses, nurseries, orchards or (fruit) farms. Usually filled from rainwater harvesting, public water supply or pumped up from a well. Together with our certified tank liners and covers, an NPI tank is a reliable and durable solution for all sorts of irrigation. 

Made to measure

Do you want to irrigate a compact tree nursery? Or you need to store irrigation water for several greenhouses? NPI has a made to measure solution. We offer a wide range of capacities and diameters, making them suitable for any greenhouse or farm. Besides, our silos can be manufactured and finished in various ways with various optional extras. Meeting your specific demands.

Installation of a water tank

Advantages of our water tanks

  • High-grade and durable water storage systems; longer lifetime with less maintenance
  • Control over water quality and quantity
  • Large capacity on a small area
  • Wide range of capacities and diameters; capacities up to 2500 m³ as a standard
  • Modular
  • Simple installation
  • Cost-effective, worldwide transport because of efficiently packed water tanks
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