Meet our people: Jerryt


Let us introduce you the people behind our film and water storage solutions

From temporary job to production leader

Jerryt entered NPI in his late adolescent years, son of one of our fellow production employees. What started as a temporary job, soon grew into something serious. Jerryt became a highly valued, permanent member of our production team within no time. He learned quickly and with his precise way of working, he soon mastered all the work. And more! Jerryt has a strong sense for technology and he was put to work on the more specialised tasks, producing different kinds of custom-made film products for specific purposes and welding 3D pond bags.

For the past five years, Jerryt has been production manager. He manages the indoor and outdoor welding team and is first point of contact. He keeps an eye on continuity and improvement of the production processes and is an indispensable link between the office, management, the production team and planning. This loyal, always cheerful guy (okay, except for 9 AM) gets every day the best out of himself and out of his colleagues.

What he enjoys most is the diversity and to play a role in contributing to improving, both quality and quantity wise. To many more years of Jerryt at NPI!

Meet our people: Jerryt