Community water in Tabriz, Iran


Project info

Our Iranese dealer is an agricultural group and has been building greenhouses, water storage systems, aqua farming systems and more throughout Iran. Through this dealer we have delivered many water storage tanks the first decade of this century.

One of our water silo’s found their way to Tabriz, in the far north of Iran. This water storage silo was installed on the edge of the city. Sarkling on top of a hill, overlooking a large part of Tabriz. The city of Tabriz faces several challenges regarding its water supply, such as the low annual precipitation, its rapidly growing population, the bad quality of ground water and a poor wastewater management. Possible tools in the water crisis can be the installation of water storage tanks, harvesting rain water and helping to meet the ever-increasing demand for water.

This way, in wet periods, surface water will be more readily availabe and can be used instead of groundwater during these periods. The position on top of a hill enables the system to make use of gravity and is a natural way to get the water into the community.

Community water in Tabriz, Iran
Community water in Tabriz, Iran