Water storage in the horticulture sector, India

NPI has been active in India for twenty years. We work together with Indian partners to improve the quality of the Indian flower growing and horticulture sector. With our metal water silos, we can make an important contribution to the ongoing development of these sectors.

To this end, we have supplied dozens of water tanks across India via a regular distributor. This distributor is also a leading ornamental flower grower in India that supplies young plants, cut flowers and pot plants to the Indian market.

A constant supply of high-quality water is important for greenhouses and the development of the floriculture and horticulture sector in general. As such, in addition to the dozens of tanks that NPI has supplied in India via our partner, we also supplied a tank for our partner’s own use. This tank is used for the storage of irrigation water for flowers and is also used as a demo tank and showcase for (potential) clients. This has been a success: India’s horticulture sector is growing rapidly, and metal water tanks are increasingly popular replacements for concrete water wells.