Water tank manufacturer


Water tank manufacturer

At NPI you have come to the right place for steel water tanks. We are a leading water tank manufacturer, producing and exporting our tanks worldwide. Our water tanks provide a sustainable and reliable solution in the context of an ever-growing water scarcity. For this reason, wise use and reuse of water is crucial. With our tailored water storage solutions we serve very diverse applications and markets. But for all apply our focus points: efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security.

Steel water tanks

Manufactured from premium corrugated steel known for exceptional structural stability and high tensile strength, our steel water tanks meet the highest quality standards. We line the tank’s interior with a film, for the purpose of making the tank watertight.  Additionally, we offer several options for covers and our silos can be equipped with several accessories and connections.

water tank manufacturer

Main features of our water tanks

1. Quality: Our water tanks are manufactured from premium steel, ensuring a prolonged lifespan with minimal maintenance.

    2. Versatility: We design our water tanks to meet very diverse customer needs and requirements. Our water tanks find their way into the horticultural sector, agriculture, fish farming, firefighting and different industries. The stored water is also often used as community water or for frost protection.

    3. Customisation: As water tank manufacturer we recognise the uniqueness of each project and facility. Therefore we offer customised water tanks tailored to specific size and capacity requirements. With a diverse range of capacities and diameters, our tanks are suitable for various facilities.

    Efficient transport and installation

    Being a water tank manufacturer in the business for years, we efficiently supply local markets across the globe through our vast network. The modular design of our tanks also contributes: the silos are made of prefabricated sections including metal panels, tank liners, protective fleece, covers, accessories and more. These sections can be easily installed at location and thus, you can easily install large water capacities at any desired location.

    Key advantages of our steel water tanks

    • Top quality and long-lasting water storage tanks
    • Control over both water quantity and quality
    • High storage capacities on small areas
    • A large variety of capacities and diameters available, with standard capacities reaching up to 2500 m³
    • Simple installation
    • Modular
    • Cost-efficient global transportation facilitated by efficiently packaged water tanks.
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